Logo Types

logo_design2 There are five basic types of logos and each varies in its design process and complexity. It is important that we know which type of logo you would like if we are to provide you with an accurate quote. If you are unsure about which type of logo would best fit your needs, please call or email us.

1) WordMark Logo – A wordmark is a logo design composed of text only, usually created by applying a unique font/typographic style. Examples can be seen below:


2) Letterform Logo – A letterform is a logo design composed of one or more letters used to symbolize the company and/or brand message. Examples below:


3) Iconic/Symbolic Logo – Icons or symbols are very simplified graphics representative of the company and/or brand message. This type of logo is often the most diffucult to design in the brain-storming stages. Icons or symbols can be created in a literal form, meaning they are clearly recognizable as the company name/brand. Icons or symbols can also be created in abstract form to convey an idea/concept that relates to the brand message. Examples below:


4) Graphical Logo – A graphic is a logo somewhere between the Iconic/Symbolic Logo and the Illustrative Logo. It is detailed enough to be recognizable, yet it is linear and simple enough to be utilized in most media. When it comes to popularity and usage of logos, graphical logos and iconic/symbolic logos are pretty close “front-runners.” Examples below:


5) Illustrative Logo or Emblem – Illustrative logos or emblems are usually more detailed and complex than graphical logos. They are a complex mixture of pictorial elements and type used to reperesent the company, product, and/or brand message. The pictorial (illustration) elements can feature the name, the brand message or business concept, and/or a character/mascot. This type of logo takes the longest to complete in its execution stages. While it is not recommended for reproduction at very small sizes, this type of logo works well with many types of marketing media including wearables. Examples below:


Note on Logo Types: The logo design types outlined here are meant as a general overview of the limitless possibilities. In terms of creative design, keep in mind that there are no absolutes… there are always exceptions to the rules/types. Each logo seen above is the property of their respective owner(s) and is only used here for informational/educational purposes. Please contact us with any questions!