Search Engine Submission

se_submission_overIf you are concerned about inreasing traffic to your website and you’d like a “hands-on” approach, we highly recommend manual submission to as many search engines as possible. With search engine optimization (seo), the “name of the game” is RELEVANCE. Your site is positioned on search pages based on how relevant your website appears to be. The more search engines your site shows up on, the more relevant it is considered by other search engines. If you have purchased a website package with Bezign, it is more than likely that we have already submitted your site to the top ten engines listed below. In that case, start your submissions with number 11. Each engine has their own submission process and requires different information so carefully follow each process or set of directions. Have fun and check your status frequently!


#1 – GOOGLE Submission Address #8 – ALTAVISTA Same as Yahoo
#2 – YAHOO Submission Address #9 – GIGABLAST Submission Address
#3 – BING (MSN +
Submission Address #10 – LIVE SEARCH Same as Bing
#4 – ASK No Submission – Crawler #11 – LOOKSMART Submission Address
#5 – ALLTHEWEB Same as Yahoo #12 – LYCOS Ask & Google Adwords
#6 – AOL SEARCH Same as Google #13 – NETSCAPE SEARCH Same as AOL and Google
#7 – HOTBOT Same as Lycos #14 – OPEN DIRECTORY Submission Address
It includes URL submission, sitemap submission, webmaster tools, gadgets,
local business center, media, products, real estate, advertising, and more…
MORE SEARCH ENGINES (the above are repeated)
SCRUB THE WEB Submission Address #8 – ALTAVISTA Submission Address
Submission Address #9 – GIGABLAST Submission Address
Submission Address #10 – LIVE SEARCH Submission Address
A9 Amazon books, Live results
Abbreviations For abbreviations
Abcsearchengine Index based, fairly small
About Lots of articles on lots of things
Accoona Excellent for news, good for focused searching
Acronymfinder Find acronyms
Aftervote Social search engine
Ajaxwhois Great for site statistics searches
Alexa Good for background information on a site
AllPlus Good meta engine, lots of options
Alltheweb Part of the Yahoo family
Altavista Oldie, but still a goodie, suprising enough
Answers Good for factual information
AOL Search Google in a different guise
Archive, Internet Good for older versions of a site
Ask One of the big four
Azoos Painfully bright yellow index engine
Beaucoup Index based, not impressed
Better Who Is Information about a website owner etc
Blinkx Multimedia search engine
Brainboost Part of the Answers family
Buzzle Index based, not impressed
ChaCha Search with a human guide
Clusty Good all rounder
Collarity Personalised search engine. Very good.
Complete Planet Excellent for hidden/invisible web
Convert To convert from one to another
Country Search Engines 4,000 country search engines
Definitions Good for various definitions
Digital-librarian Collection of links from a librarian
DMOZ (Open Directory Project) Good index/directory
Dogpile Multisearch GYMA
Draze Compare GYM on one screen
Ebingbong Social search, lets users rate results.
Eurekster Good for building your own engine
ExaleadSuperb functionality, good advanced options
ExciteDoes anyone still use that any more?
Factbites Factual information
FaganFinder Superb collection of engines
Fazzle Good all round meta search engine
Findsounds Audio/sound search engine
FinQoo Multi search engine, doesn’t say what the sources are
Freesearch UK based engine, global scope
Galaxy Index based
Google Do I need to say anything about this one?
Google Blogsearch Best blog search engine going
Google Directory Same as DMOZ
Google Groups Good for obscure information
Google Images Yahoo image search is superior
Google Local Local to the UK that is.
Google News Adequate. Good for email alerts
Google Personalised Tailor results to your interests
Google Scholar Good(ish) for academic stuff
Google Trends Who is looking for what?
Healia Excellent medical search engine
Hotbot Blast from the past!
IAF People search Searches for people! US biased.
iBoogie Multi search engine, strong on clustering
Icerocket Good for blog searching
Illumirate Index based
InfoMine For scholarly internet resource collections
Infopeople People search
Infoservice Index based, bizarre collection of headings
Intute Superb directory, very authoritative
Irazoo Social search engine, vote for results
Ixquick Excellent meta search engine
Jayde Business to business
Jux2 Excellent meta search & compare results
Kartoo Visual search engine, good reputation
Kazazz Free text search engine, not particularly exciting
KidsclickChildren’s search engine
Librarians Internet Index Superb resource
Linkopedia Index based, not exciting
Live Search One of the big 4
Lycos Almost lost in the midst of time, but still trying
Mahalo Social search engine, some like it, I don’t
MammaMulti meta search engine that’s been around for years
Mastersite Calls itself #1 though I can’t work out why
Metacrawler Meta search engine
Monstercrawler Meta search engine
Mooter Visual search engine
MsDewey Microsoft folly; annoying and pointless
Oaister Emphasis on hidden web academic material
Omnimedicalsearch Excellent medical search engine
Peerbot Very unusual engine, as it searches for favicons
Pepesearch Does not stand out
Pinakes Superb collection of Virtual Libraries
Questfinder Selective web directory
Quotations for Quotations
Quintura First rate, uses clouds of terms. Recommended
RedZee Visual search. Awful. Used to be excellent
References Good all round resource
Re-quest Index/Directory web search engine
Scandoo accurately indicates a level of trustworthiness
Scirus Scientific search of web and selected journals
Scrubtheweb Nothing to recommend it
Search-beat Uses Google’s database
Searchbug Search for people and companies in the US Metasearch engine
Searchhippo Metasearch engine, unimpressed
Searchy Personalised search
Searchmash Google test bed
Search Medica Excellent medical search engine Meta search engine
Searchtheweb Index/Directory
Selectsurf Selective web directory Find similar sites
Silobreaker Superb news resource
Slider Full text search engine that searches DMOZ
Smartlinks Index/Directory
SMEALSearch Academic authoritative content
Sproose Social search engine
Sunsteam Index/Directory
Supercrawler Index/Directory
Synonyms Good reference resource
Technorati Excellent weblog search engine
Thenet1 Index/Directory
Thunderstone Index/Directory
Trooker Superb video search engine
Turbo 10 Great for hidden/invisible web
TurboScout Very good multi search engine
Ujiko Visual search engine
Zip codes Information about US zip code areas
Web Brain Visual search engine
Webcrawler Meta search engine for GYMA
Web-search Meta search engine, one at a time
Webworldindex Index/Directory
Whatuseek Web/Index based, not worth the trouble
Windseek Meta search engine
WWW Virtual Library Second only to Pinakes
Yahoo! One of the big 4
Yahoo Buzz What’s going on?
Yahoo Directory Yahoo as it used to be
Yahooligans For children
Yahoo Local Local information
Yahoo Mindset Emphasis research or shopping
YouTube Video engine. Use Trooker instead
Zapmeta Allows for various methods of re-ranking
Zensearch Uses the Google database